The Potoroo Painstaker 3

Hi all! We did it again. Here is Potoroo Painstaker 3 . These are so enjoyable to make with MP. Really hope you enjoy this one! And don't forget to check out MP's other puzzles here and here ; as well as some of the previous Potoroo puzzles here .  Potoroo Painstaker 3

Traffic Flow

 Hello all!  This week's puzzle is over on MyCrossword.  Hope you enjoy!

Negative Variables

Hello!  Today's puzzle is something a little different. I've made a barred grid - similar in size to a New Yorker.  I'm hoping to keep my style of clueing, but having more crossing letters may make it more accessible to newer-to-UK-puzzle solvers.  Please let me know what you think. If there is any interest, I will try to do one of these per month, in between my regular puzzles.

Potoroo MyCrossword 918

Hello!  This week's puzzle is a new Potoroo variety with MP! You can find MP's other puzzles here and here .  We are very excited to be back and to finally release this puzzle that was finished back in July!

Soda Water

Hello! This, my final puzzle of the year, was redeemed on my Twitch channel by norahsharpe.  Puzzle can be found over on MyCrossword (#906).  Looking forward to again putting out at least 2 puzzles a month starting in the new year.  Hope you enjoy!

Secret Sauce

Hello! I'm back (for now). Today's puzzle was redeemed on my Twitch channel by joeadultman. You should check out Joe's Twitch streams here and his excellent puzzles here . If you know who Joe is, try this version of the puzzle. If not, you can check out an alternate version here .  

The Potoroo Painstaker 2

Hello!  This week's puzzle is another with  Mentalplayground .  We had so much fun with the first one, so here is The Potoroo Painstaker 2 . I hope you enjoy solving it as much as we had setting it. MP says, " I was really happy with the response to the last Painstaker we made. We've listened to the feedback and tried to tone this one down a little after discovering that the online Chambers is a lot more limited than we first thought (very sorry danandbabka). I really enjoy setting this kind of puzzle. It feels like a whole new challenge when you don't have to worry about making a definition deceptive at all, in fact quite the reverse, but be as fair as possible with the wordplay you provide. I hope you find this one to be even more fun than the previous one, even if it can be a challenge." Enjoy! The Potoroo Painstaker 2