Forgotten Things

Hello! Today is another variety with MentalPlayground.  Be sure to check out MP's blog.  This is our 6th monthly variety puzzle. I've had such a wonderful time working with him and look forward to lots more in the future. MP is always pushing me to become a better setter and I appreciate that so much. Be on the lookout for our future puzzles together. :)  I hope you enjoy this one! MP says, "Can't believe Liari and I have been working on these variety puzzles for half a year! We played a bit with extraneous letters in wordplay in a past puzzle, but this time we've taken it a step further. I'm keen to see how far we can push ourselves. It's always a blast working with her; there's no doubt in my mind that we both inspire each other to get better - and I feel like the ceiling is still some way off!" .puz link

Mother Goose

Hi all! This week's puzzle is just a regular one. No shenanigans. Though, I did try something I haven't done before.  I hope you enjoy! And come back next week for the 6th Potoroo puzzle!

By Land, Air or Sea

Hello!  Today's puzzle is another over on MyCrossword.  You can find it here.   Also, if you have not already done so, be sure to check out last week's puzzle with MentalPlayground .  We are very proud of this one. Enjoy!  See you next time.

Rack Your Brain!

Hello! This week's puzzle is the 5th variety (I can't believe it has been 5 months!) with MentalPlayground.  Make sure to check out MP's wonderful puzzles here. MP says " I had a lot of fun gridding this puzzle - seemingly a theme with our Potoroos! But leaving it a bit... late, shall we say... to clue made it a lot more stressful than I was anticipating! Fortunately editing the clues with Liari eased my concerns and I think this might be our best yet??? I hope you enjoy the solve!" Enjoy! And see you next week for another puzzle over on .

Ten in the Bed

Hello!  Today's puzzle was a redeem on my channel by MentalPlayground. Be sure to check out all of MP's puzzles here. And come back next week for our next variety. Enjoy!

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Hello!  This week's puzzle can be found over on MyCrossword.  Here is a direct link to my puzzle.    While you are there please be sure to check out the other amazing puzzles by some wonderful setters. See you next time! 💛

Cow Tipping

Hello! Today's puzzle was redeemed on my Twitch stream by the amazing Amrit, who chose the theme. You can check out Amrit and friends over at ButlerOnTheAir on Twitch . I hope you enjoy the solve.