This puzzle was redeemed on my stream by the wonderful MentalPlayground.  Check out his Twitch stream   here   and his puzzles   here .

Mount Parnassus

Hello!  Here is a very special collab puzzle with the wonderful MentalPlayground.  It was such a fun time and an honour to work with him.  You can check out his other cryptic crosswords here !

For Butter

 Standard cryptic #3.  The theme was chosen by son.  :)


This was my first variety cryptic crossword.  It was sent to Simon from Cracking the Cryptic for a special occasion.   Super exciting!!  Here is a thank you from Simon at the beginning of this video .  And here is the tweet , which prompted me to actually update my Twitter profile and begin using it.  :)

Heroic Ennead

This is my second cryptic (completed on April 25, 2021).  The theme was inspired by one of the monthly puzzle prompts on the CTC Fan Discord server.  Enjoy!

And Sometimes It's Never

This was my first ever solo cryptic (completed on April 1, 2021).  I've learned so much since then.  Enjoy the theme!