The Potoroo Painstaker V

Hello! This week's puzzle is the 5th Potoroo Painstaker with MentalPlayground , who happens to have 2 other special puzzles out this weekend that can be found here and here . Please check those out too.   If you are unfamiliar with the Painstakers: they are similar to the Times Monthly Club Special, filled with obscure words that you must rely on wordplay to solve. We really enjoy solving these and are having a fun time gridding them now.   As usual the puzzle can be found over on MyCrossword . We hope you enjoy! 

Hit Rock-bottom

Hello!  This week's puzzle is again over on MyCrossword.  While you are there, make sure to check out the other puzzles by some amazing setters.  Also, if you haven't seen yet, I set last Sunday's Browser crossword that can be found here (with a subscription.) Hope you enjoy!

The Potoroo Painstaker 4

Hello! It is time for another Potoroo Painstaker with MentalPlayground.  It can be found here.   We hope you enjoy!

Potoroo Jumbo 1

Hi all! It's the beginning of a new month. That means it's time for a new Potoroo puzzle with MP! This time we set a jumbo. Regular grid, no shenanigans, it's just big! It can be found over on MyCrossword here .  We hope you enjoy!

Flying Colours

I was sick last week and really didn't have a chance to set anything new to release this week.  However, here is a puzzle I wrote about 4 months ago. It's over on MyCrossword.  I hope you enjoy! 

Vampire Thriller

Hello!  This week's puzzle is my second Alphabet Jigsaw. You can find it over on MyCrossword or use this recommended solving link .  Hope you enjoy!